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Revealing the hidden magic of Oaxaca State - from a unique and different perspective - socially responsible and eco friendly travel.


After several years working in landscape architecture and the tourist industry, Vamos o qué? tours was founded by Margaux Guiheneuc. Instead of creating landscapes she wanted to live in the landscapes, discover the local people, not be in front of a screen. What better place to do this than in Oaxaca State, where nature is stunning and communities are filled with heart warming people?






Vamos o qué? Tours is a boutique tour company founded on the core values of friendship and sustainability. Offering quality and authentic travel adventures from half a day or full days to multiple day trips that can feature workshops and retreats. Our goal is to place the unique beauty and tradition of Oaxaca at your finger tips. For you to feel the passion of the people and connect you with the unique biodiversity of the state. Sharing a passion for nature, hiking, bird watching, handicraft, art, mezcal and history is at the heart of Vamos O qué? Tours.







The tours have been designed from years spent exploring places off the beaten track, mingling with local communities and talented artists from such places as the city of Oaxaca, the pine forests in the mountains of the Sierra Norte and Sierra Sur, the jungle, coffee plantations, the coast and sea life.


Along her journey and adventures Margaux has explored and become passionate for traditional medicine and Mayan cosmovision discovering how Oaxaca opens doors to deep healing through temazcal, cacao ceremony, rituals, plant cleansing, art therapy, yoga and meditation. 


With a vast network of personal contacts of healers and shaman, Vamos o Qué? Tours facilitates and organizes multiple day wellbeing retreats and trips, in dreamlike locations for deep relaxation and healing.








Beliefs, Enviroment and Social Sustainability?

Environment and Social Sustainability is a strong pillar of Vamos o Qué? Tours, helping local communities and the families of artesanos, local restaurants and local guides, supporting social projects and conservation. 


For each tour purchased with Vamos o qué? you participate through our donation to the reforestation program in the Sierra Sur and an Art program that provides material and art workshops in 4 different jails around Oaxaca for incarcerated men, women and teenagers.

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