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Oaxaca City

Through the introduction of basic and quick techniques we propose to create your first lithography, from beginning to end with the help of specialized artists at every moment.
Starting with an introduction to our twenty year old art studio we will then begin with the cleaning and drawing phase:

- The stone is first cleaned from previous design using metal powders and water to grind the upper layer of the stone.
- You will draw directly on the stone using lithographic crayon or paint brush. You have the possibility to draw on a small stone to make your personal design or use a bigger stone for a group design where everybody participate to the drawing (so called "Cadavre exquis" or "a la limón")
- The stone is then etched by the print maker of the studio with solutions of gum arabic and nitric acid and inked with the color of your choice for printing. - Your design will be printed using our beautiful lithographic press on cotton paper.

Each of the member of the workshop will go home with a print and knew skills!
Highly relaxing time in our garden sharing with art "maestros" of lithography.


- Personalized explanations
- Materials and tools
- Prints on high quality paper to bring home

- Private experience one on one with local artists
- Learn from scratch
- Use professional material directly from an art studio
- Bring your art home on high quality paper
- Enjoy the relaxing and inspirational garden of our studio

meeting place: Martires de Tacubaya, 507, centro, Oaxaca

5 hours

Starts at $1,000.00 MXN

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