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Our tours are designed for you to discover Oaxaca from a different perspective... We choose our routes and stops with close attention to the energy of the places and the people, showing you the "real Oaxaca", authentic and ancestral, far from the urban standards of modern cities... So expect some great adventures with us, lots of fun and heartwarming people on the way! Oaxaca will surprise you with the biggest biodiversity of Mexico, the most creative artists and artesanos; deeply connected to their land, tradition and resources.

We are determined to guide and show you the true beauty of nature and people of this state!

Our Focus

We have divided our tours into 5 different categories for you to explore. Even though we cannot cover every single place, smell, flavor and color of Oaxaca, we have created this tours to bring you closer to something that we believe to be magical, tangible and real of this awesome place. 

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Small groups slow travel tours taking you to the most beautiful trails around Oaxaca.

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Arts & Crafts

Meet talented artists and artesanos of Oaxaca city and state. Take the time to feel their passion and dedication!

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Personalized tours on a slow travel pace from Oaxaca city to the pacific coast  and along the coast as well.

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Bird Watching

Private tours within Oaxaca state with local bird watching guides, tailored to your needs and showing you the diversity of Oaxaca state.

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Healing Journey

Oaxaca is a magical land with a special energy and a natural invitation to introspection. Here you will find the tools and places that will help you in your healing  journey. 

Tours & Experiences 

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Hierve el agua

Click on location to explore our tours!
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San Jose

del Pacifico

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Salina Cruz

We had an absolutely wonderful day with Margaux as she guided us through the Sierra Mountains. We walked from Teotitlán to the dam where Margaux pointed out gorgeous birds to us that we would never have otherwise seen. Her knowledge of plants and flowers was incredible. We visited a weaving family and had a delicious lunch. Everything about the day was magical and we would highly recommend this trip and anything Margaux leads. One of the best guided trips we have ever done.


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